Inguinal Hernia App

Animation, Interactive

2014 Association of Medical Illustrators Interactive Media: Didactic/Instructional- Commercial Award of Merit Winner

This is an interactive marketing app create for surgeons and salespeople that highlights the mesh product for hernia repair. It details the the features of the mesh and how it is used.

This app shows how the mesh product is deployed within the body. It goes over how to fold the different types of meshes, inset, and deploy it. The cross-section highlights the union between the microgrips and muscle fibers. On top of the mesh, is a collagen film, which starts resorbing in as little as 24 hours, and finishes within a week. As the mesh is placed, the microgrips provide immediate fixation with muscle tissue. The mesh conforms to the anatomy and fixates over the entire surface without additional tacks. The macro-porous mesh promotes tissue integration and strengthens the area where hernias have occurred. This app targets salespeople as well as surgeons.

This app features 5 separate animations.