Interior Architecture of the Spleen


A study of the structure and function of the spleen. Examines the gross and microscopic levels of the spleen.

This was the first animation I ever created with my partner, Kate Mahan as a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. We worked in tandem with a doctor in the College of Health Sciences to create an animation to help teach students about the normal anatomy of the spleen. Now, it is used in several college courses in universities around the U.S. in anatomy and physiology classes.


Interior Architecture of the Spleen from Victoria Rompilla on Vimeo.


See below for stills of the animation.

Project Role and Responsibilities 

  • Developed and maintained a detailed project timeline
  • Managed project deliverables in line with the project plan
  • Monitored project progress and performance
  • Provided status reports to the project lead
  • Collaborated in all phases of the CG production pipeline including script, storyboard, 3D modeling, surfacing, lighting, rendering, delivery and archive
  • Review of  project to determine the type and number of physical and 3D assets required
  • Solid understanding of the science to visualize the story