Direct Stapling Technology


The DST animation was designed to be a potent selling tool, which showcases the quality, and unique design features surround the DST staples and their staplers. The animation is straightforward and focuses on the important highlights and functions of DST technology.

Check out the screen shot for the final animation below:

See the final assets delivered below:


Project Role and Responsibilities 

  • Developed and maintained a detailed project timeline
  • Managed project deliverables in line with the project plan
  • Provided status reports to the project supervisor
  • Collaborated in all phases of the CG production pipeline including script, storyboard, 3D modeling, surfacing, lighting, rendering, delivery and archive
  • Review of  project to determine the type and number of physical and 3D assets required
  • Solid understanding of the science and market dynamics of product and procedure to fulfill client’s brief
  • Collaborated with designer to create final product